International Standards and Saudi manufacturing

About US

Bearing Buildings Factory IBBCO is a Saudi company specializing in advanced building systems with Italian technology and high quality that suit all modern construction projects and plans.

Construction technology 3D PANEL\M2

Our expanded polystyrene EPS products are guaranteed and backed by a quality certificate from major Saudi companies. All components are based on raw materials (SABIC) that conform to Italian specifications and conform to the specifications of the Saudi Building Code SBC in quality and efficiency.

Logistical and technical support

Load-bearing and insulating buildings

Projects all over the world

Innovative building technology solutions


Double & single bearing walls

3D panel


3D panel

Hordi salb

3D panel


3D panel

Eps insulating panel

Different dimensions & Densities (sandwich or jacketing)

Hordi blocks

Different dimensions & Densities

Our Success Partners

Our products have been able to reach all major real estate and construction companies by promoting the concept of housing quality through an environmentally friendly life with high quality, which has allowed the conclusion of more successful deals through distinguished Saudi projects.

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