About Us

Industrial Bearing Building Co. "IBBCO"

Bearing Buildings Factory IBBCO is a Saudi company specializing in advanced building systems with Italian technology and high quality that suit all modern construction projects and plans.

Innovative building technology solutions

With international standards and Saudi made, the Industrial Bearing Buildings Company IBBCO is proud of its product (3D.Panel) manufactured from expanded polystyrene EPS with leading Italian technology 3D PANEL\M2 of global efficiency and resistance to various weather factors such as heat and moisture

International Standards and Saudi manufacturing

When Italian standards meet Saudi experience in construction and manufacturing of expanded polystyrene EPS panels and construction technology 3D PANEL\M2, it becomes easy to reduce construction costs and obtain residential and commercial buildings and towers of various designs and constructions that are environmental friendly and highly efficient in a short schedule of executing with great savings in energy, time and workmanship.

Advantages of expanded polystyrene

When we implement buildings with this technology, we get the following advantages:
1. very lite
2. Easy to install
3. Excellent moisture insulator
4. Excellent Thermal insulator
5. flame Resistant
6. resistance to fungi formation
7. environmentally friendly

Local and international certificates

Our expanded polystyrene EPS products are guaranteed and backed by a quality certificate from major Saudi companies. All components are based on raw materials (SABIC) that conform to Italian specifications and conform to the specifications of the Saudi Building Code SBC in quality and efficiency.

Italian ISO Certifications

Saudi SABIC Certificate